School Librarian Certification Guide - 2024

School Librarian Certification: State by State Guides

Why do school librarians need a license or certification?

As a school librarian, you are part of a larger effort to help students succeed. Success for students is a holistic issue involving growth in the understanding of various educational fields as well as personal growth by developing confidence and responsibility. 

Libraries are a fantastic place for students to learn confidence in their own abilities through autonomous research projects and discovery.

Our Generation’s Great Battle

Certainly not spoken of enough, but currently our greatest threat is the battle of misinformation between a public who is unable to determine when they are being manipulated and a ruling political class who is willing to lie and deceive to gain more power. 

This is not a political website, but it is indisputable that the republican party is currently trying to undermine democracy in a way that could change our way of life forever. Through misinformation and polarization, republican leaders are implementing Russian style propaganda techniques to unravel the bedrock of our democracy. School librarians should be incorporating lessons and techniques for critically assessing information their school’s students are exposed to. Children must learn how to identify information that is formulated to deceive and polarize or our future in America looks dark indeed.