Delaware School Librarian Certification Guide - 2024

AKA: School Library Media Specialist License, SLMS Standard Certification

by Staff

Updated: December 1st, 2023

School librarians have numerous duties in their field of work. In order to perform these duties, they require a school librarian certification. School librarian certification refers to the designated credentials earned by an individual to verify their legitimacy and competence as a school librarian. It is typically displayed as a document that states that you have been trained, educated, and prepared to meet the criteria for your role as a professional school librarian. Certification is only awarded to people who have passed the required assessments administered by an institution recognized for training school librarians.

Initial Librarian Certification Process

Education Requirements

In Delaware, the technical term for a school librarian is a School Library Media Specialist (SLMS). The SLMS standard certificate is issued to an applicant who has the following:

  1. A valid Delaware Initial, Continuing, or Advanced Teaching License. Also applicable is the Standard or Professional Status Certificate issued by the Delaware Department of Education before August 31, 2003. In addition, the applicant also has to meet the following requirements: 

    The applicant will also need to provide:

    • The official transcript from the applicant’s Regionally Accredited college or university. The applicant’s Employing Authority or Regionally Accredited college or the university may also submit electronic transcripts on behalf of the applicant.
    • Sealed paper transcripts may also be submitted. Please note that the Delaware Department of Education does not accept copies of transcripts. The Delaware Department of Education may also require additional documentation.
  2. The applicant may also meet licensure requirements and present proof of a valid and current License or Certificate as a School Library Media Specialist. In this case, the applicant needs to provide:
    1. An official copy of the Valid and Current License or certificate.
    2. The Delaware department requires any additional documentation of Education.

It is important to note that the Delaware Department of Education does not act on an application for SLMS Standard Certificate if the applicant is under investigation by any national, state, or local authority that has the power to issue educator licenses or certifications. For the Delaware Department of Education to consider any applicant under investigation, the applicant needs to submit evidence of the investigation’s resolution. In addition, the Delaware Department of Education does not act where the allegations include but are not limited to immorality, misconduct in the office, falsification of credentials, disloyalty, incompetence, or willful neglect of duty.

Experience Requirements

Applicants for the School Library Media Specialist need to verify their teaching experience. The Delaware Department of Education requires at least one year of teaching experience.

Testing Requirements

The Delaware Department of Education requires passing test scores for every applicant. Upon your request, the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and Pearson will electronically submit your test scores to the Delaware Department of Education. Tests done for performance assessment are:

  1. PPAT administered by the Educational Testing Service evaluates applicants on their ability to impact students’ learning. The qualifying score is 38.

    To pass the PPAT test, you need to:

    • Answer all the questions.
    • Demonstrate that you have an understanding of the guiding prompt.
    • Explain your thoughts and idea.
    • Ensure that everything is complete and of high quality.
    • Ensure that your artifacts connect, support, and enhance the written commentary.
    • Ensure that your video clearly shows how you interact with students, that the learning environment is positive, and that you engage students in learning.
  2. edTPA administered by Pearson is only valid if it was issued after August 25, 2020. It is focused on standards, competencies, and learner outcomes. The passing score is 38.

    To pass the edTPA test, you need to:

    • Be as detailed as possible with all your tasks.
    • Choose a topic you are very comfortable with.
    • Plan your lesson before you film it so that your tasks are aligned and consistent.
    • Manage your time in order to complete your tasks on time (better time management provides higher quality).
    • Avoid technical fails and problems like inaudibility by thoughtfully planning your filming.
    • Be clear about how you will accommodate all learning types.

Background Checks

The Delaware Department of Education reviews publicly available information from various sources, i.e., public records and the internet. Please note that the Delaware Department of Education does not discriminate against race, national origin, color, sex (sexual orientation and transgender identity), age, disability, religion, military status, ancestry, genetic information, or any other legally protected category. If you have any discrimination complaints, please submit them to the following address:

Assistant Superintendent
Delaware City Schools
74 W. William Street
Delaware OH 43015

It is advised that applicants refrain from contacting building principals or the Delaware Department of Education’s Human Resource Department to check their application status.

The Delaware Department of Education conducts a criminal records check for all applicants. The applicant is required to pay a fee of $55 in cash or check when the check is done.  The employment of the applicant is contingent on the results of the criminal background check.

Application Process

As a new educator, you need an Initial License and at least one certificate to become a School Library Media specialist. 

Register for an educator account in Delaware Educator Data Systems through the DEEDs registration page to create a profile. The application fee required for a teaching license and certificate is $100. This fee is reimbursed upon employment in a Delaware Public School.

Alternative Librarian Certification Process

There are three Alternative Librarian Certification process options; Two for the already certified classroom teachers and one for the candidates without the certification.

Education, Experience and Testing Requirements

Option 1: Teachers with a Master’s Degree

Education Requirements

The Education Department of Delaware recommends that individuals seeking certification as the SLMS complete the ALA/CAEP programs in respective areas. Certified Classroom Teachers with Master’s degrees don’t have to do another master’s program. However, they can enroll and complete the approved School Library Media Course.

Experience Requirements

Master degree holders eligible for certification in school library media should complete the following:

  • Provide concrete proof as a classroom teacher
  • Provide official scripts that show completion of Master’s degree
  • Complete over 10 of the essentials ten credit
Testing Requirements

Nineteen credits should be completed for the realization of this certification process. The required courses include:

  1. Reference services and resources
  2. Cataloging and classification
  3. School Library Administration (carries three credits)
  4. School Library Curriculum (carries three credits)
  5. Childhood Literature (Carries three credits)
  6. Adolescent literature (carries three credits)
  7. Internship in the school library media

Option 2: Teachers with a Master’s in Library/Information Science

Delaware Education Department states that the candidates with a Master’s degree in Library or Information Science are not restricted to completing another master’s degree program before becoming the School Library Media Specialist. However, they are not limited to enrolling in other approved courses relevant to library media management.

Education Requirements

For candidates with a Master’s degree in library or information science to have an eligibility o ARTC recommendation which results in DOE certification in the School Library Media, they must complete some requirements which include:

  • Provide proof for completing the Master’s degree in Library/ Information Science or any other related field. The official transcript is recommended.
  • Complete more than 18 credit scores of the required 31. After the internship, the candidate will have to cover nine other credit scores in a different institution accredited by the ALA/CAEP program. Transfer credits that are more than three years old are not accepted.
  • The candidate should produce an eDTPA passing score of 38 for the School Library Media Specialists.
Testing Requirements

Pedagogy requirements for this option include 12 credits that cover the following units:

  • Classroom management and discipline
  • Literacy in the content area
  • Exceptional teaching of adolescents
  • Exceptional Education for children
  • Multimedia literacy
  • Internet technologies

Option 3: Candidates without a Teaching Certification

Master’s in education technology provides practical and theoretical grounding through the techniques emphasized in educational technology. All the candidates running for these options should have a degree to complete the predetermined assessments that include a research project. Individuals with a teaching license will only have to follow ISTE standards while those for high education level, industry, and government get rubric assessment based on 5 AECT standards.

Background Checks

All certification candidates will need to get a federal and state background check in order to show to potentials employers that you are an individual of good character.

Application Process

Application for the Public Librarian certification is typically submitted online. Checks and the official transcripts should be sent to the Delaware State Education Department. 5$ must be made out to the state of Delaware Education Department.