Rocking the Librarian Job!

by Staff

Updated: January 12th, 2022

  1. Public Library Association (PLA)

    The PLA has served as a hub for public library staff to network and to advance their education and ability to provide better services to their communities.

  2. Reddit – The Librarian Subreddit

    Running libraries well typically take a confluence of many tidbits of knowledge coalescing to create swiss army knife human called a librarian. Reddit can help you learn what you don't know you need to learn.

  3. LibraryThing

    Step by Step GuideEditor's Pick

    Connect with librarians, explore a librarians' group and learn about TinyCat.

  4. Library Journal

    The Library Journal is, for the most part, a news source. However, to the benefit of professional librarians, the journal is well categorized and is easily explored from the perspective of a professional librarian looking for inspiration.