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Updated: February 23rd, 2022

How to use The Librarian Subreddit

Reddit is a massive website with thousands of different communities all based on specific topic, with specific rules, and each one is truly an echo chamber if there ever was one. However, some subreddits, such as the one for librarians, can be a source of unique, anecdotal information. And, sometimes anecdotal information is exactly what we need to solve our specific problems.

Should I Become a Librarian?

When deciding to become a librarian, there are a few things you need to know. 1.) Does this career check all the right boxes that show it will support the life you want to lead. 2.) Anecdotal information that uncovers the reality of life as a Librarian. Perhaps one good use of social media.

I would assume not too many people who wish to become librarians use social media as a resource for their career research. Well, that is one thing that makes reddit and different type of social media. 

While is can be difficult to sift through the massive amount of fluff to find quality information, it is there and it can be valuable in your quest to be certain that librarianship is right for you. 

Explore the Librarian Subreddit

Familiarize yourself with this community in order to make it less of a scattered and unproductive experience. You can browse or you can search for more targeted threads about topics you are more interested in.

Read some of the more targeted threads

The following links go directly to threads discussing whether or not librarianship what the right career for them and why. You’ll find positives and negatives with regard to the career in public libraries, school libraries, academic libraries and special collections. 

Remember no career is all roses and some people are just not happy people, even if they won the lottery. Take the negatives with the grain of salt and consider whether some of the positive takes resonate with who you are as a person.

Rocking the Librarian Job!

Running libraries well typically take a confluence of many tidbits of knowledge coalescing to create swiss army knife human called a librarian. Reddit can help you learn what you don't know you need to learn.

While we typically do not steer people toward social media rabbit holes, Reddit’s Librarian subreddit is a rather unique place. There are many, many threads to search through, but if you have strange or unique questions, this subreddit can be a good place to start. You never know where you might find nuggets of wisdom gold.