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Public Library Association (PLA)



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Updated: December 1st, 2022

The Public Library Association (PLA) serves as a knowledge support system for its members in their quest for enhancing the development and effectiveness of public library services across the United States and Canada.

Rocking the Librarian Job!

The PLA has served as a hub for public library staff to network and to advance their education and ability to provide better services to their communities.

The PLA is host to an assortment of valuable resources for public library professionals. Below we’ve provided some of the best resources they provide.

Opportunities to advance public library staff abilities:

Public library tools for the public library professional in an assortment of knowledge domains:


Should I Become a Librarian?

The PLA provides resources and information that help paint a picture of what life in a public library might look like.

Most people’s idea of what a public librarian does or what life working within a public library entails is not usually very accurate, or even close to accurate. The PLA does a great job providing an overview of life in various aspects of life working in a public library.