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Updated: February 4th, 2022

BrainPOP is a series of educational websites that hosts animated movies, quizzes, lessons, and other materials for students ages 5 to 18.

How to use the BrainPOP website

BrainPOP is geared toward teachers and homeschoolers, School Librarians are important expeditors of use when it comes to BrainPOP. 

  1. Not every school district has a subscription to BrainPOP. School Librarians are often advocates for explaining the value of new technologies within schools.
  2. Strong technology backgrounds of School Librarians can facilitate teachers’ adoption of BrainPOP and their educational materials.

School Librarians

As often is the case, school librarians frequently act as the technology expert within schools. While BrainPOP is not entirely difficult to implement, it is a newer technology and teachers can often stumble in their efforts to understand what BrainPOP has to offer and how to quickly access the appropriate material.

BrainPOP hosts lessons and materials in both English and Spanish (BrainPOP ELL). 

The following are suggested steps to get started with BrainPOP as a School Librarian:

Advocating for School District purchasing of BrainPOP

If your school district does not already have a BrainPOP subscription, the school librarian may be the individual to suggest a purchase. 

The first thing to do is contact BrainPOP and set yourself up with a free trial to see if such a technology is the right thing for your school(s) and age range. If you’re ultimate goal is to encourage your school district to purchase a subscription, you will likely have a BrainPOP sales team helping you to fully understand the value of their various applications. 

Explore age appropriate subdomains

Select the subdomains that host educational materials appropriate for your school’s students.

For older students, BrainPOP organizes their applications and content into subject specific sections of their website: