Wyoming Librarian Salary Guide - 2024


by LibrarianCertification.com Staff

Updated: November 3rd, 2023

School Librarians

How are school librarian salaries determined in Wyoming?

In Wyoming school, librarian salaries are determined by the state and specifically through the state’s department of education. Normally a librarian’s salary is a part of the funding that is provided for the library services in each specific school. Depending on the size of the school and the number of students it is servicing those funds will differ. The area in which the school is located will also have an effect on the funding for the library and as such it will affect the librarians’ salary. Furthermore, the years of employment are also a determining factor in the wages that a school librarian will receive.

How can one increase their salary?

School libraries do not tend to offer many opportunities for growth or promotion. This means that the only certain way of increasing your salary as a school librarian is by staying employed in the school for a long period of time. Sometimes, your educational background may also help increase your salary depending on the school’s policy. Therefore pursuing another certification may lead to an increase in your salary but that is something that you will need to confirm with your school and school district. 

Librarians and Media Specialists Salaries in rural areas of Wyoming

Metro Area# EmployedMean Salary
Western Wyoming nonmetropolitan areaNot released$50,710
Eastern Wyoming nonmetropolitan area140$50,400
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2021

Government or non-profit resources within Wyoming providing assistance for better school librarian pay

In Wyoming the main resources for lobbying school librarians come from the Wyoming Library Association which has a specific page for a School Library Interest Group, joining with them will be a great way of increasing your advocacy efforts. You can also find more resources for school librarians through the Wyoming State Library page, these could include events and resources. 

Public Librarians

How are public librarian salaries determined in Wyoming?

Public librarian salaries in Wyoming are determined in a similar way as the one that school librarian salaries are determined. Much like school librarians, public librarians are also paid through the funds that the state allocates to each library. Depending on the size of the library those funds may vary. The position that a public librarian holds within their institution could also play a crucial role in determining their salary. Finally, their education level and years of experience are often added to the calculations for a salary. 

How can one increase their salary?

Public libraries tend to offer opportunities for promotions or they may have available more specialized positions that you can take on. For example, an archivist or Special Subject Librarian tends to earn a higher income than a front-desk librarian would, this means that if you are looking to increase your salary the best thing you can do is to look at the available positions that you could possibly take in your library. 

Government or non-profit resources within Wyoming providing assistance for better public librarian pay

If you wish to advocate for better salaries for public librarians in Wyoming the best organization do that through is the Wyoming Library Association. This organization offers many advocacy tools that can be used in your lobbying efforts. You can also meet like-minded individuals within the association that can also help with your lobbying efforts. 

Academic Librarians

How are academic librarian salaries determined in Wyoming?

Academic librarians tend to have their salaries completely determined by the institution that they are employed in. This is because most university libraries tend to have both public and private funding and thus have a lot more resources to put into their library. Oftentimes the librarian’s salary is determined by the position that they have in the library or their rank within it. Occasionally their research output and their academic background may also play a role in determining their salary. 

How can one increase their salary?

Most university libraries tend to work with a rank system, this means that after you have been employed in the institution for a few years you can start making your way up the ranks. The higher your rank the higher your salary will be. Alternatively, you can always apply for more specialized positions, these positions are often paid more as they require a higher level of expertise. 

How can an academic librarian get tenured and how does this affect their lifetime earning potential?

The requirements for tenure vary in each institution but usually, they include having achieved a certain rank within your institution’s library and having some members of faculty recommend you for the position. 

While tenure does not usually mean an increase in the salary that you will be earning it does mean job stability. Normally tenured librarians cannot get fired unless something extreme occurs. What’s more, even if they do lose their job they are handsomely compensated. Tenure can have positive effects on the lifetime earnings of an academic librarian as it usually means that they are able to know exactly how much they will be earning for years to come. 

Government or non-profit resources within Wyoming providing assistance for better academic librarian pay

Academic librarians lobbying for better pay usually do so within their own institution. However, if you would like to lobby for better pay at a statewide level you can do so either on your own or by joining an organization such as the Wyoming Library Association. This association has many useful advocacy tools that can assist you in your lobbying efforts.