North Carolina Librarian Salary Guide - 2024

by Staff

Updated: November 4th, 2023

School Librarians

Elementary and high school education is relevant for the development of a sound and analytical mind that can do well in today’s society. Libraries in these schools present a truckload of resources for this which is why school librarians are needed. As an intending school librarian, you probably have questions about your remuneration and working condition which is expected.

How Are School Librarian Salaries Determined in North Carolina?

As school librarians are also licensed educators, their salaries are decided upon using state-designed pay levels and schedules as can be seen on page 22 here. While the pay level indicates how high you rank on the payment scheme, the schedule which is represented by a given numerical indicator shows what specific salary schedule you are on. For more information, consult the Employment Inquiry Screen and Employee Roster of the Licensure and Salary Information Center or contact the Systems Accounting department here.

Librarians and Media Specialists Salaries in urban areas of North Carolina

Metro Area# EmployedMean Salary
Asheville, NC160$54,360
Burlington, NC60$59,110
Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia, NC-SC1,090$61,060
Durham-Chapel Hill, NC490$69,260
Fayetteville, NC130$53,280
Goldsboro, NC40$52,030
Greensboro-High Point, NC310$54,940
Greenville, NC80$54,690
Hickory-Lenoir-Morganton, NC110$53,660
Jacksonville, NC50$54,970
New Bern, NC40$55,140
Raleigh, NC610$63,990
Rocky Mount, NC40$49,360
Wilmington, NC110$57,030
Winston-Salem, NC220$59,270
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2021

Librarians and Media Specialists Salaries in rural areas of North Carolina

Metro Area# EmployedMean Salary
Southeast Coastal North Carolina nonmetropolitan area220$56,170
Northeast Coastal North Carolina nonmetropolitan area90$55,980
Piedmont North Carolina nonmetropolitan area150$53,160
Mountain North Carolina nonmetropolitan area90$53,080
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2021

How Can One Increase Their Salary?

School librarians will normally receive a salary increase as they accumulate coursework credits for professional development exploits and as their years of experience advance. This is in line with the expected increase in value to the institution and the schooling system in North Carolina. The state schools rely on licensure data concerning increases in service years to execute upward salary adjustments. If due process is not followed, there might be a delay. However, there is an allowance for the adjustment to be made as far back as July 1 of the previous academic year. Learn more about this on page 23 here.

Associations That Provide Help or Resources

The North Carolina School Librarians Association (NCSLA) is a non-profit organization that represents the interests of school librarians in the state and pushes for an improvement in the library user experience. This association is part of the American Association of School Librarians (AASL). These bodies provide networking as well as, mentor/mentee opportunities for members. They publish newsletters filled with helpful resources and hold conferences for their members. Knowing that professional development is necessary for the career advancement of members, they assist with these too.

Public Librarians

Public librarians help to make the use of the state and other public libraries easy and rewarding for members. They get to meet the literary and media needs of a lot of people which means that they must be up to the task.

How Are Public Librarian Salaries Determined in North Carolina?

The State Library of North Carolina (SLNC) is one of the many public libraries in the state and they decide the salaries of their staff members. Job listings usually call for applications for professional and paraprofessional positions as are required. The libraries have their specific salary schedules which have been designed considering numerous relevant factors. 

How Can One Increase Their Salary?

Depending on your level in the staff ranking system which is decided upon after considering your entry qualifications and experience, a specified percentage of increase is applied to your salary as you progress in the job. Public libraries require that you continue to develop your professional skills to elevate the value that you add to the institution.

Associations That Provide Help or Resources

The Public Library Section (PLS) of the North Carolina Library Association (NCLA) represents public librarians in the state. They provide relevant resources for professional development, as well as networking opportunities. Learn more about the section here.

Academic Librarians

University libraries are run by academic and research librarians. These professionals have a huge influence on library culture and processes in the state and the nation at large. As an academic librarian, it is not out of place that you want to know what opportunities and benefits there are for you, and how to position yourself to make the best of them.

How Are Academic Librarian Salaries Determined in North Carolina?

The University of North Carolina (UNC) provides a suitable example as the Dean of the School of Information and Library Sciences determines the pay of staff members in the faculty. They take into account the qualifications, experience, and performance of staff members, as well as, the state of the economy. To make the process as transparent as possible the faculty elects a committee of four to work with the Dean on salary matters. Read more on the process here.

How Can One Increase Their Salary?

Salary increases in UNC are done based on past performance and research exploits. The Dean of the faculty approves percentages for the salary increase for each member of staff. This annual raise process is a normal occurrence at this school. Different institutions have their procedure for awarding raises.

How Can an Academic Librarian Get Tenured and How Does This Affect Their Lifetime Earning Potential?

Academic staff in universities look forward to making tenure as it provides benefits and will positively affect their salaries in most cases. They also get job security from such a promotion. Different institutions of higher education (IHEs) have their specific procedure for reviewing staff members for tenure. Promotions to the rank of Professor, Associate Professor, or Assistant Professor are some major ways people get tenure. The review considers exploits in research, service, and experience among others. Learn more about the UNC process here.

Associations That Provide Help or Resources

The Association of College and Research Libraries –North Carolina (ACRL-NC) provides a platform for academic librarians to network and discuss important issues affecting them. They hold conferences and webinars that are beneficial for their members and engage in advocacy to maintain and improve the conditions of libraries and library staff.