How to Become a Librarian in Missouri - 2024 Guide

by Staff

Updated: May 9th, 2024

Missouri’s Information Champions: Why You Should Become a Librarian

Librarians are the cornerstone of informed communities, and in Missouri, they play a vital role in bridging the gap between information access and opportunity. Here’s why becoming a librarian in Missouri is a path worth exploring:

Why Librarians Matter in Missouri

  • Combating Book Bans: Missouri has seen a rise in attempts to ban books in recent years. Librarians stand as guardians of intellectual freedom, ensuring all community members have access to a diverse range of materials.
  • Rural Outreach: The Show Me State has a significant rural population. Librarians extend library services beyond physical buildings, utilizing bookmobiles and digital resources to reach underserved communities.
  • Digital Literacy Champions: In today’s digital age, librarians empower Missourians with the skills to navigate online information effectively.

So, You Want to Be a Librarian in Missouri?

Here’s a breakdown of the key requirements to get you started:

  • Education: A Master of Library Science (MLS) is the standard qualification. Missouri boasts several universities offering accredited MLS programs, allowing you to specialize in areas like archives, library management, or information science.

Different Librarian Paths, Different Requirements

While an MLS is generally required, specific needs can vary:

  • School Librarians: Certification is required to become a school librarian; however, multiple pathways are available to certification depending on whether or not the applicant already possesses a teaching certification (see Missouri school librarian certification requirements).
  • Public Librarians: May require coursework or experience in specific areas like children’s services or reference.
  • Academic Librarians: Librarians at universities may require a subject matter expertise in addition to their MLS.

Becoming a Missouri Librarian: Your Next Steps

  • Contact the Missouri State Library: They offer resources and guidance for aspiring librarians, including a librarian certification webpage (see the Missouri State Library webpage).
  • Explore Scholarships and Loan Forgiveness: Financial aid programs can ease the burden of library school.
  • Network with Missouri Library Associations: Connecting with professional organizations allows you to learn from experienced librarians and gain valuable insights.

With dedication and passion for information access, you can become a valuable asset to Missouri’s libraries. Remember, librarians are more than just book custodians; they’re facilitators of learning, champions of intellectual freedom, and pillars of strong communities.