How to Become Librarian in Mississippi - 2024 Guide

by Staff

Updated: May 9th, 2024

Why Mississippi Needs Librarians: Information Champions in The Magnolia State

Librarians play a vital role in communities across the United States, and Mississippi is no exception. Here, librarians bridge the gap between information access and opportunity, serving a population with unique challenges and needs.

Mississippi’s Literacy Landscape: Mississippi currently faces a literacy rate below the national average(see PIAAC). Librarians are essential in this fight. They curate collections that cater to all reading levels, host engaging story times for children, and develop programs that promote a love of reading throughout life. For Mississippi youth, engaging in the literacy fight is already paying off (the Mississippi Miracle)!

Beyond Books: Digital Navigators In a state where broadband access can be limited, librarians become digital navigators. They offer computer literacy classes, teach patrons how to access online resources, and ensure everyone has the chance to participate in the digital world.

Why Become a Librarian in Mississippi?

The rewards of being a librarian in Mississippi are vast. You’ll directly impact lives, fostering a love of learning and empowering individuals with vital information. Mississippi also offers opportunities for innovation. Librarians can develop programs specific to the state’s needs, from genealogy workshops to career development resources for rural communities.

Becoming a Librarian in Mississippi

The path to becoming a librarian in Mississippi involves specific educational requirements that vary slightly depending on the library setting:


  • School Librarian: A Master’s degree in Library Science (MLS) is required, with coursework in curriculum development and educational technology.
  • Public Librarian: An MLS is preferred, but a Bachelor’s degree in Library Science can suffice.
  • Academic Librarians, Medical Librarians, Law Librarians: An MLS is typically required, often with an additional subject master’s in a relevant field.


Experience: While not always mandatory, experience working in libraries can strengthen your application.

So, are you ready to become a champion of information access in Mississippi? Research the specific requirements for your desired librarian position and contact library schools or the Mississippi Library Association for further guidance. Remember, Mississippi librarians play a crucial role in building a brighter future for the state, one book, one program, and one empowered patron at a time.