How to Become a Librarian in Maine - 2024 Guide

by Staff

Updated: May 3rd, 2024

Maine’s Librarians: Beacons of Knowledge in a Diverse State

Librarians in Maine play a vital role in fostering a thriving and informed citizenry. With a population spread across rural areas, small towns, and larger cities, libraries serve as essential community hubs, and librarians are the navigators who guide residents towards the resources they need.

Why Be a Librarian in Maine?

Consider these compelling reasons:

  • Trusted Guides: A 2016 Maine State Library study found librarians as the second most trusted profession in the state [1].
  • Community Impact: Libraries offer free Wi-Fi, computer access, job training resources, and educational programs – all championed by librarians.
  • Beautiful Locations: Maine’s stunning natural beauty provides a unique work backdrop, from coastal libraries to those nestled amidst mountains.

Becoming a Librarian in Maine

The path to becoming a librarian involves specific educational requirements, though they can vary depending on the type of library you wish to work in. Here’s a breakdown of some key categories:

Different Librarian Paths

The library world offers diverse career options. Here are some examples and their specific requirements:

  • Public Librarians: An MLIS is generally preferred, though some positions may accept a bachelor’s in library science [2].
  • School Librarians: An MLIS and state teacher licensure are required (see Maine school librarian certification requirements).
  • Academic Librarians: An MLIS is required, and often a second master’s degree in a specific subject area is preferred.

Taking the First Step

The Maine State Library website offers a wealth of information on librarian careers and resources to get you started. With its dedicated librarians, Maine’s libraries offer not just books, but opportunities to build a fulfilling career.