How to Become a Librarian in Colorado - 2024 Guide

by Staff

Updated: April 16th, 2024

Unearthing Your Librarian Calling: Becoming a Librarian in Colorado

Do you possess a deep reverence for the written word, a thirst for knowledge, and a spark to ignite that same passion in others? If so, then a librarian career in Colorado might be the perfect niche you’ve been seeking. The state’s vibrant library network offers a treasure trove of possibilities, from public librarians who act as expert guides through the information wilderness to school librarians who cultivate a lifelong appreciation for reading in young minds.

Cultivating Your Colorado Librarian Calling

Colorado’s library system thrives on the dedication of those who crave knowledge and yearn to share it. Do you envision yourself as a public librarian, a skilled navigator steering patrons through the vast ocean of information? Or maybe as a school librarian, fostering young minds and nurturing a love of reading that will stay with them for a lifetime? This guide will shuttle you down the path towards your chosen library career in Colorado, outlining the necessary qualifications and steps to navigate your journey to success.

Education: The Foundation for Building Your Expertise

In Colorado, most librarian positions require a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science (MLIS) as the cornerstone of your career. This rigorous program equips librarians with the essential knowledge and skills to meticulously organize information, empower patrons in their research endeavors, and deliver exceptional library services.

But there are some exclusions. Specialized librarian positions may call for a Bachelor’s degree in a related field in addition to appropriate library science training or certifications, especially those that are focused on particular fields of study like law or medical. See all schools offering library and information science degree programs in Colorado.

Gaining Invaluable Experience in the Rocky Mountain State

Regardless of your chosen library specialty, immersing yourself in real-world experience is highly recommended. In Colorado, part-time library jobs, internships, and volunteer work offer priceless chances to polish important abilities. These abilities include running a library on a daily basis, effectively overseeing cataloging systems, and providing outstanding customer care to users. This real-world knowledge will greatly strengthen your application for full-time librarian jobs in the state library system.

School Librarianship: A Specialized Path in Colorado

Similar to many states, Colorado mandates certification for school librarians (see Colorado school librarian certification). This ensures they possess the necessary expertise to effectively manage school libraries and seamlessly integrate library services into the curriculum. Here’s a breakdown of the key requirements for becoming a certified school librarian in Colorado:

  • Teaching License: Before pursuing librarian certification, you’ll need a valid Colorado teaching license.
  • Master’s Degree and Praxis Exam: A Master’s degree in Library Media Specialist (LMS) is required, along with a passing score on the Praxis II Library Media Content exam.

Building Your Network in the Colorful Colorado Library Community

Collaboration is key! Forge strong professional relationships with librarians, educators, and others within the Colorado library field. Networking events, conferences, and online communities provide valuable opportunities to connect with mentors, discover job openings in Colorado’s libraries, and gain insights relevant to your chosen library specialty.

Unveiling Additional Gems in Colorado

Throughout their careers, librarians can find an abundance of resources from the Colorado Library Association (CLA). They promote relationships inside the thriving Colorado library community and provide chances for professional development.

Following these recommendations and molding your credentials to fit your ideal library career path will help you confidently start your fulfilling librarian adventure in Colorado’s changing library environment.