Rhode Island Librarian Salary Guide - 2024


by LibrarianCertification.com Staff

Updated: November 3rd, 2023

School Librarians

School libraries provide a collection of books and materials that students may consult for assignments and other learning purposes. They are managed by school librarians who must be certified in Rhode Island before they are allowed to practice.

How Are School Librarian Salaries Determined in Rhode Island?

Salaries of school librarians are fixed by the employing institutions after considering your qualifications and experience. They usually already have ranges for each position. However, they conclude on where you fall based on what you are offering. It is normal for people with master’s or doctorate degrees and a great deal of experience to get a higher placement.

How Can One Increase Their Salary?

Every institution decides on its procedure and requirements for awarding raises. As public schools are funded by the government, they normally receive a higher allocation than the past year to account for salary increments, unless there has been a drastic change in the number of employees. They set up committees to review how each employee performed over the past academic year. As a school librarian, you might find that your professional development pursuits make the review process favor you.

Librarians and Media Specialists Salaries in urban areas of Rhode Island

Metro Area# EmployedMean Salary
Providence-Warwick, RI-MA750$69,280
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2021

Associations That Provide Help or Resources

School Librarians of Rhode Island (SLRI) is the body representing the interests of the school librarians in the state. It is closely associated with the Rhode Island Library Association (RILA). SLRI holds conferences and distributes newsletters to its members; providing them with updated information on library media and instructional technology. They also engage in advocacy to improve the working conditions of librarians and library staff in school libraries.

Public Librarians

State and county libraries are usually government-owned hence, they usually have a more diverse catalog and numerous helpful resources. They are managed by public librarians who fulfill regular librarian obligations and provide welcome initiatives that improve the library user experience as a whole. Public librarians in Rhode Island must be familiar with the Ocean State Libraries network and be capable of helping library users leverage its opportunities.

How Are Public Librarian Salaries Determined in Rhode Island?

Depending on your academic qualifications and years of experience, you are placed on a suitable salary scale as a public librarian. The salary scales usually have ranges that have been designed by the employing institution taking several factors such as the available resources into consideration. 

How Can One Increase Their Salary?

Public libraries place their employees on salary scales related to how their salaries will be reviewed annually or however the institution prefers. You can expect your salary to be raised the longer you stay in service. However, taking part in professional development exercises and providing unparalleled service are sure ways to position yourself for more benefits. 

Associations That Provide Help or Resources

Public librarians are also represented by RILA. Members can benefit from a wide range of resources and events that help them position themselves for better impact at work. RILA is passionate about improving the quality of library services provided in all libraries in Rhode Island, this is why they pay attention to helping librarians acquire relevant knowledge and skills. The continuing education resources come in handy for you concerning career development.

Academic Librarians

University libraries serve a lot of faculties and departments; hence they need capable hands. This is why academic librarians must be a part of the staff in these facilities. With their research, academic librarians have been able to influence the library culture positively on a national scale.

How Are Academic Librarian Salaries Determined in Rhode Island?

Institutions of Higher Education fix salaries for employees in all the departments based on their qualifications and expertise. As expected, academic librarians usually have higher educational requirements than school and public librarians due to the research aspect of their jobs. This is why they earn relatively more than others. Your experience and qualifications determine what salary level you are placed on.

How Can One Increase Their Salary?

Due to the favorable environment in institutions of higher learning, we find that it is easier for academic librarians to pursue higher education in line with professional development. This is a common way to prove that you are ready to take on higher roles that will augment your pay. These institutions conduct reviews of the performance of employees over the past academic year and determine who gets a raise and by what percentage. 

How Can an Academic Librarian Get Tenured and How Does This Affect Their Lifetime Earning Potential?

Tenure provides job security for academic professionals and opens them up to more benefits than they otherwise would have. The Rhode Island College provides a suitable example for the state. Departmental chairs and Deans are allowed to meet severally and review the performances of their unit members and then make recommendations for the award of tenure to the school board. For librarians, the review process will look at your librarianship, scholarly endeavors, and service to society. Institutions award tenure only if they have cause to believe that the awardee will take advantage of the promotion to support the institution’s vision.

Associations That Provide Help or Resources

Academic librarians are eligible members of RILA which represents their interest towards the improvement of the quality of library services in the state. You can take advantage of the networking opportunities their conferences offer and learn from their newsletters, amongst other resources.